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Life’s Purpose according to Yoga

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

We generally grow up thinking that we are just a peice of creation. We take little responsibility for the way things are; for the things that happen to us in our lives. 

In Yoga, they teach that we are in fact creators. We create our experience of life. And, we are collectively creating the turmoil in the world. 

Yoga is not just postures on a mat... it is a vast science and technology of life that teaches us how to become effective creators; how to design  the Iives we wish to lead.

Isn’t all we truly want to live joyfully and peacefully with loving relationships?

We are making a mess of the world as we are living out of alignment with what we most want!  

The postures on the Mat are the first steps to 

ordering and aligning our mind, body, emotions and energy with what it is we truly want so we can become effective creators rather that a peice of creation. 

For more insight check out Satghuru;

Two people holding a yoga pose in the snow
Yoga in the snow!

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