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Forest under the Alps Mountain Range


Our mission at La Source Holidays, is to plant seeds for a world 'our hearts know is possible'! Our holidays connect us with nature, each other and ourselves!

OUR 'Sourcey' CREW

A word from the Founder & Host...

La Source has always been about heart opening weeks in nature and community…inspiring a sense of  wonder and possibility. 


I set up La Source in 2007 when my young family and I moved to Samoëns, The French Alps. I had spent my 20's, working as an Outward Bound Instructor in the America's and Africa. In my 30's, back in the UK, working as a corporate film director and producer, my partner and I felt the pressure of the rat race. It felt like a natural step to move our young family to the Alps. Within 18 months we bought and  converted an old Savoyard farm into a spectacular yoga and adventure Eco-Lodge. It attracted a lot of press and was a huge success, but running a busy eco lodge alongside raising a young family had its challenges!  The La Source Eco Lodge was sold in 2011and I continued to run my favourite trips ever since!

Most trips are still based in Samoëns.  We have regular crew of amazing chefs, assistants,  yogis and guides that foster the ‘Sourcey vibe’. You might meet

Agneiszka, a local who epitomises 'a mountain women'. She is a Tree Whisperer and International Mountain Guide. She guides our Teenage Family Adventure Trips. On our classic trip you might meet Thilo, from Berlin. He is a nutritionalist, gut biome specialist,  coach and yoga teacher, or my niece Olympia, an amazing young chef who is a pied piper to children.  Laura, is our favourite assistant chef from Grenoble. She is an ex Radio Mont Blanc DJ and yoga teacher.


Our intention is always to ensure that everyone on our trips feels re-sourced! After a week in the mountains, we hope that our guests; from our youngest to our oldest, feel empowered to thrive and to face life challenges with more spaciousness and joie de vivre! 


The children forget about tech and immerse themselves in play, connection and presence and the adults have time to ‘be’, inspired by the majesty of nature and enriching company. 


We look forward to welcoming you to the Sourcey family, 



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