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Saskia Anley-McCallum

The Yogi

Saskia founded La Source in 2007 and had been running transformative holidays and retreats in the French Alps ever since.

"La Source is more of a passion project than a business.  My passion is sharing the magic of nature, movement, connection and adventure with every one of our guests. I am so excited about this new Women's Retreat in the Alps. The team are so special and I know that everyone who experiences this week will be touched deeply. I can't wait to meet you all."

Saskia was a lead instructor for the original global outdoor leadership and personal development charity Outward Bound for over 5 years in the USA. She has been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching for 12 years. Saskia has a way of creating a safe and open space in which people can easily connect to themselves, each other and nature.


Agneiszka Warszawska

The Mountain Guide

Agneiszka has lived in the French Alps for over 25 years. She is an International Mountain Leader, climbing and canyoning guide. Aga is passionate about the Mountains and her enthusiasm and knowledge of the region and its nature, is evident as soon as you walk alongside her.

'I have been dreaming about this women's retreat for so long! It is my dream to share the healing secrets that this land carries and to take you to some of the most magical places on earth.'


Vanessa Linforth

The Medicine Woman

Recently returned from Latin America, Vanessa has spent the last 5 years training by the Sacred Fire of Izatchilatlan, an ancient indigenous Medicine path. The journey has taken her from Mexico to the Andes, on long solos in which she has had to survive on whatever the land and sky has offered, with the protection of the Great Mystery of life.​


Vanessa will bring depth and ceremony to our week and guide us in honouring and connecting to the elements. She will guide us in our Temazcal or sweat lodge, to celebrate the natural world and our place in it, an experience never forgotten. 


Thilo Keller

The Chef

Thilo is our highly over qualified chef who is a culinary master ! He has a strong affiliation with the Alps and La Source and was part of many of its early retreats. Thilo is a therapist, Accro Yoga Teacher, ball room dancer and Nutritionist.



The Dog

Java, half Griffon, half unknown hunting dog, grew up in Samoens. She supported Saskia set up La Source Eco Lodge and was part of the Commune where it all began. 


She has embarked on many profound solo journey's into the wilderness and is incredibly sensitive and wise. She is trilingual and speaks, English, French and Dog. 

Java is 13 and keeps a low profile these days but comes to chat at opportune moments.

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