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La Source Retreats and Holidays


Chalet Brio

139 Route De La Turche De Vercland
74340 Samoens 


We recommend driving as it is very handy having a car in Samoens. If you are driving from the UK, we recommend the Eurotunnel. It takes 9 hours from Dover.  Budget around £400 -£450 return. 


If you are a single parent family, and you would like to share the drive, get in touch. We'll try to find you some fellow travellers! 


The train is the most Eco way to travel. It can only be booked around 4 months in advance.  We recommend setting a booking alert here by entering your travel dates and details:


Head for the train station (La Gare)  Cluses 74 which is a 20 minute drive to Chalet Brio.  Hertz, Europcar and Avis all have car hire offices in Cluses however, to incentive rail travel, Saskia will come and pick you up and offers free transport for the first 8 people who book in her mini-bus.




Easyjet, Swiss Air and BA fly to Geneva. 


If you are hiring a car, just make sure that you hire it from the SWISS side not the french side as it will make your drive much easier.



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