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If you are imagining fur lined sofas, comfy double beds and separate rooms for the children at this french ski resort, this might not be the holiday for you! 


However, if you think spacious, outdoor centre with a nice light, warm en suite family room, in a snowy wilderness, and a fab community atmosphere, sounds like it's up your piste, come and join us!

We have our own Chalets within an Outdoor Centre which is situated 7 minutes walk from the super speedy new ski lift. 
The dining hall in the Outdoor Centre is 5 minutes walk from our chalet. It is the most beautiful walk ever but it can be challenging battling the elements on a snowy day with several young children in tow when you are trying to get to ski school on time,  so we ensure catering facilities are available to all of our guests in the chalet, so that you can duck out of breakfast if you wish. (If you take care of  your own breakfast and lunch deduct €70pp).
We have a lovely large room for  our exclusive use. We run our yoga classes here in the morning and hand it over to the children to play in the afternoon. 
We have our own cosy dining area in the dining hall and downstairs there is a games rom


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