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Young people dropping out of school

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Children walking towards mountains
Outings and adventures offer wonderful opportunities for learning

I know 2 families whose daughters between 11 and 14 have recently just pulled out of school. There are apparently a growing number of 'School Refusers'. Having been a board member at several schools and a parent of children at school, this doesn't surprise me. Most school's are missing a vital ingredient and that is a 'sense of belonging'. Sometimes, children just feel no connection with the school, the subjects they are learning about, their teachers or their peers. It doesn't feel safe.

Luckily there are more and more exciting home school collectives emerging where families club together and hire the most inspiring teacher or teachers for 3 days a week. The 4th day is a day for shared learning outings and adventures and the 5th day is home study day.

Until schools are able to reclaim thier role of putting children, their well being and interests at the centre of what they do, this sounds like a good model to me.

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