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Chalet Brio, Samoens

This is our regular Family Adventure Chalet. Photos of the chalet for our 'last minute/ just added' trip, the 1-8th August 2020, will be posted on our facebook site. Please have a look here:


Chalet Brio


Chalet Brio a stunning 5* chalet in a hamlet called L'Etelly tucked between Morillon and Samoens in the Hautes Savoie; about 1 hour from Geneva. 

Chalet Brio is spacious, light, open plan and has a calming energy.

The chalet has 6 en suite bedrooms and can accommodate 16 people if all beds are filled. 


Guests can share a dormitory room with twin beds and a bunk bed bed, or a bunk. There is also the option of having a double en suite all to yourself. Please see the floor plan here

There is an apartment downstairs if we require extra rooms.

Included is:

  • Down duvet, cotton linen & towels

  • Heated swimming pool

  • Teas and healthy hot drinks are available at all times

Beauty treatments and massages can be arranged.

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