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Driving from the UK is usually the cheapest way to get to the Alps. Budget around £450-£550 return per vehicle via the Eurotunnel including fuel and tolls. It takes about 9-10 hours from Dover.
We recommend  leaving on Friday night to avoid the traffic and stay in a cheap hotel in Troyes or the lovely  The Val Moret , spa motel about 5 hours from Calais. 

If you are a single parent family, and you would like to share the drive, get in touch. We'll try to find you some fellow travellers to car pool with! 


We recommend the train as the most Eco way to travel. 

'I was wary of going by train as it looked like an epic journey but turns out, it was really easy!' Isabel and Ossian, 7. 

You can buy Eurostar tickets from London to Paris now. Trains from Paris onwards only come on sale a few month before they run. Cluses 74 is the closest train station to Samoens.

Contact Saskia on 07854 337 416 to discuss the best onward travel details and which train station you should arrive at. There is a choice of hiring a car, getting a transfer, or a taxi.

Send me an email if you would like to team up with others travelling by train and I will put you in touch.


Easyjet, Swiss Air and BA fly to Geneva. 
If you are hiring a car, just make sure that you hire it from the SWISS side not the french side as it will make your drive much easier.

If you would like to book an airport transfer, we recommend Go Massif. 
Transfers are expensive so get a quote before you book your flight. 

Try to arrive in Samoens by 6.30pm on your arrival day! We have to leave the chalet by 10am on our departure day.

Getting to Verclands, Samoens

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