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Our Eco Credentials

Our Eco Credentials

Capitalism - in other words, prioritising capital over planetary and human well being has passed it's sell by date. It has led us to the brink of the 6th Mass Extinction. It is up to us to be the change we want to see in the world.  We  are activists for a safer, cleaner and more equitable Planet and take our Eco-Credentials very seriously. 


Our very last ski trip was in 2023. It was 21 degrees celsius at 1600 metres in the Alps in February! We felt that skiing had too much of a heavy impact on the fragile mountain eco-system. 


We encourage travel by train and as most of our guests come from the UK, we stick to running trips in places that are train accessible. On our Mountain Mindfulness trips we are able to offer free local transport with a pick up from the train station. 


We are really conscious about having the least impact on our environment as possible, and being a sustainable and a good value travel company. La Source is run much more like a passion project than a commercial venture. Here are some of the things we do...

-lessen our environmental and social impact-  


  • Most of our guests come from the UK, and all of our holidays are accessible by train and/ or shared car from the UK and most of Europe. We try to offer free local transport for anyone who comes by train where possible.


  • We encourage our guests to try a vegan or vegetarian diet for the week. Where possible we source our food organically and locally.


  • We outsource technical activities to local charities, companies  and individuals who greatly benefit from our custom. We are also working with local guides to empower them to run their own life enhancing programmes.


  • We don't believe that offsetting the impact of all of our travel and emissions is good enough for travel companies. We need to reduce our impact on the planet. This is intergrated into everything we do from the locations we choose, travel impact,  equipment and food sourcing,  and sharing our profit. 

  • We donate to charities and individuals making a positive difference in the world 

  • We practice ' Leave no Trace' travelling when we are in the mountains, and take out everything we take in.

  • We have been a member of Responsible Travel since 2008.


-and to increase our social reach- 


Every year we offer one single parent family who could not otherwise afford to travel or go on a summer holiday a heavily subsidised trip. If you know a single parent family who really needs a break, put them in touch!

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